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Long term complications of cancer therapy – Neuropathy (#11)

John Coutsouvelis 1 2
  1. Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  2. Cancer Services, Alfred Health, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Patients who complete their course(s) of chemotherapy and have successfully treated their malignancy, may still have to live with the long term complications of their cancer therapy. One such complication is chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. Many agents that are used to treat both solid organ and hametological malignancy can also target the peripheral and central nervous system. The real incidence of neuropathy caused by cancer treatments is still unclear and can vary according to agent, dose, patient co-morbidities and other risk factors. In some cases the neuropathy can be reversed or improved on drug cessation. Unfortunately for many this is a long term complication that will affect their qaulity of life, even though the malignacy is considered to be cured. This talk aims to briefly address the clinical presentation, risk factors and effects on quality of life in patients who live with neuropathy as a long term complication of their cancer therapy.