COSA Breakfast session - Cancer Specific Advance Care Planning - Considering challenges and opportunities — ASN Events
7:15AM - 8:45AM
Meeting Room 212 & 213
Sponsored by:

Facilitated by A/Prof Natasha Michael

Speakers include:
A/Prof Natasha Michael, Director of Palliative Medicine, Cabrini Health
A/Prof Clare O'Callaghan, Sr Research Associate, Cabrini Health
Ms Angela Baird, Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Cabrini Health

This symposium will draw from Phase 1 and Phase 2 research conducted at a metropolitan cancer centre. Using the vignette technique and mixed method research, it involved close to one hundred cancer patients and their caregivers to understand and develop a cancer specific ACP intervention. It will highlight the need for a patient and family-centered approach to ACP and include recommendations from involved participants on future models of implementation
Using experiential data, we will specifically discuss complexities related to the iterative process of decision making that evolves in cancer patients and the need for professionals working in cancer care to be attuned to the widely varied reactions they may encounter. We will also critically appraise the use of the vignette technique as a communication approach to facilitate difficult ACP conversations

This breakfast session is free for conference delegates, but it’s important to register because we will be providing breakfast! You can register by selecting this breakfast session in the 'add-ons' section of the registration portal