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Medical Oncology Services in Thailand (#146)

Sumitra Thongprasert 1
  1. Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, TLD, Thailand

Medical Oncology was considered one of the subspecialty in Internal Medicine in Thailand. Before 1980, there were few medical oncologists in the country, however after that period the field of medical oncologist start to open. There were increasing in number of medical oncologist and start local activity in the country such as lecture, symposium, conference etc. Around 1990 the Thai Society of Clinical Oncology was established and formal training of medical oncology begins, initially its two years program. The trainee has to complete 3 years training in Internal Medicine. Lately there are a fast track training which is a four year program include 2 years of Internal Medicine and 2 years of medical oncology.
Presently there are about 200 medical oncologists in the country, besides the yearly meeting hosted by TSCO, there are other meeting hosted i.e. the APLCC, the Best of ASCO etc.