Breakfast session - Connecting, communicating & collaborating to reduce inequalities in cancer care for Indigenous people — ASN Events
7:15AM - 8:15AM
Meeting Room 220
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The National Indigenous Cancer Network (NICaN) was launched in 2013. It encourages and supports collaboration in Indigenous cancer research and the delivery of services to Indigenous people with cancer, including carers and families. NICaN is a partnership between Menzies School of Health Research, the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet, the Lowitja Institute, Cancer Council Australia and Indigenous audiences, consumers, researchers and health professionals from a broad range of disciplines, service providers, private sector and government organisations. This session aims to foster new collaboration, enhance capacity and increase knowledge about cancer and Indigenous people nationally and internationally.  Networks and partnerships can bring together the combined expertise and efforts of many to focus on the critical challenge of cancer among Indigenous peoples. By enabling those who work in or are interested in this area to connect, communicate and collaborate, NICaN aims to encourage high quality cancer research and partnerships across the spectrum of Indigenous cancer: from prevention, to psychosocial and health services research aimed at improving the quality of life for survivors, their family and friends.

This breakfast session is free for conference delegates, but it’s important to register because we will be providing breakfast! You can register by selecting this breakfast session in the 'add-ons' section of the registration portal