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App Information

Welcome to COSA 2014. This web based 'app' is designed to assist you get the most from the conference. This is basically the home page of the 'app', clicking on the COSA symbol will return you to here and let you see each of the icons for different actions. There is also a menu on the upper right. As you move deeper into the app.the menu changes to match where you are - getting back to the start is by using the COSA symbol or the informaton logo.

Couple of hints:

- You need to log in once using your currinda profile to get full functionality such as your own favourited program, taking notes during a session and communicating with other delegates via the app. Tap the 'head' to do this.

- The 'head', once logged in will let you know your own registration details etc as well as setting your preferences for accessibility

- If you want to search for delegates with similar interests, use the chat icon.

- The schedule allows you to drill right down to the abstract and profile level, take notes during sessions, pre-select sessions you do not want to miss, even give a session the thumbs up if you are really enjoying it.

 - Double tapping a session puts it in your favourites selections (the star icon)

- The location icon points to sponsor and exhibitor information

And if all else fails, come and find us at the registration desk on the Ground floor foyer outside Plenary Hall 3, we will be there during business hours Monday to Thursday